Pipe smokers are definitely a minority in Shanghai. Though smoking pipe is considered a western thing and by that has a quite trendy image, troubles for pipe smokers usually start when their tobacco storage, they brought with them from home is exhausted. While in Europe every tobacco shop offers at least a small range of different pipe tobaccos most shops in Shanghai don’t have any. Furthermore most vendors don’t even know about what pipe tobaccos are or where to get them, even if they actually sell pipes. Using cigarette tobacco is a quite often suggested solution, which unfortunately does not work out very well. It is said that every shop of the Shanghai Tobacco Shop offers a small range of pipe tobacco – an information, the author of this text couldn’t verify yet – but there are other shops too. You just have to know them.

One spot, where you can find it is at the corner of Yun’an Road and Dingxi Road. There are quite a few shops there offering a large range of tobaccos ranging in prices of between 45 and 120 Yuan. So they are not overly expensive.

I hope, this will help all you pipe smokers out there and if you know other locations, feel free to leave a comment!


  • Keith 4 years ago

    Could you point it out on a map?

  • christianrouvier 3 years ago

    Did exist some pipe Chinese tabacco ?

    Thanks for this information at christianrouvier@yahoo.com
    and some more adress who are selling tabacco pipe


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