Between Tradition and Disneyland

Maybe Zhujiajiao is tourist’s first choice when visiting a watertown, but it is not the only such place you can visit in Shanghai.  One out of many others is called Qibao. The name is roughly translated as “Town of seven treasures” and some of the buildings there can be traced back to the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (907 – 960 AD) period. Even though it’s pretty old, many new buildings have been built there and at some places it became more like a Chinese version of Disneyland instead of an authentic Chinese old town. Crowds of mostly Chinese tourists swarm its streets on the weekends buying souvernirs in one of the hundreds of shops.

Nevertheless Qibao is quite a beautiful excursion destination if you don’t want to travel far. You can get there via Metro Line 9, Qibao Station.


Attraction Prices:

  • You can enjoy a boat trip for araound 10 RMB
  • The local temple is also worth a visit. The entry fee there is 5 RMB

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