If you try to picture the streets of the city of Shanghai, just try to imagine the traffic in Naples and multiply it by 20. Then you know what you will have to get used to, when you come here. Everyday there are millions of cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and pedestrians swarming the streets of Shanghai. Even though the traffic might seem chaotic at first, everything complies with certain rules. For example many foreigners wonder why there are cars on the streets which apparently have no plates. Is this legal? Yes it is. But only for the first month. So when you buy a new car, you are granted some time to get your plates. Until then the driver is allowed to use only a voucher to verify the legality of his car.

There are also some distinct rules for scooters. Most of the scooters you can see in Shanghai don’t have plates but small tags instead. Those small tags, attached to the handlebars of the scooter, serve to verify its legality.

You might also experience cars driving through red lights, even though when the police is watching. This migh seem odd but it is totally legal, since vehicles are allowed to turn right although there is a red light signal.

But certainly you should whatch you step when crossing streets regardless of you walk by green or by red. Especially the scooters often seem to have a very fluent definition of what is allowed in road traffic and what is not.


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