The Beauty of the Ordinary

Shanghai has a lot of shiny modern places and huge malls filled with shops of all those international brands everyone knows so well from his own hometowns. Of course those places have their merits as you can buy all those things their you rather wouldn’t want to miss. Those shiny places not only bring comfort to foreigners who miss their home countries but are moreover the favourite places of a large part of the locals.

But as modern and well equipped as those places are, they certainly are not very exciting. They are just built to fullfill a certain purpose. People go there to satisfy certain needs but they don’t live there. In consequence those places are without life.

To flee that sterility one has to abandon the main streets and walk into the smaller ones besides the ways taken by the majority of the tourists and expats. There you will find dust and dirt for sure. But you will also find flourishing life. You will find old people playing chess in the sun on the walkway, dogs barking at their own shadows and all kinds of tiny shops often not bigger than a few sqaremetres offering alot of different foods and goods. Here you can find the real Shanghai, the Shanghai not built to impress anybody, but the Shanghhai built for its people to find a place to live and here is, were you can make pictures, which will certainly impress those of your friends who have not yet been to china.

Here are some photos, we just took a few 100 metres away from Golden City Garden, when we left the modern area around Zhongzhan Park and got the streets further down. This is Shanghai.

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