When you are at People’s Square or near the fake market of Shanghai you can’t avoid them. Soon a shoe-blacker will get in your way, asking you to let him polish your shoes at ridiculous high prices. Here are some tipps which might help you stay out of trouble.


1. Watch your feet!

It’s not only that it is very hard to get rid of some shoe-blackers, they also sometimes try to force people into letting their shoes polished by putting some polish on their shoes while they are trying to walk on.


2. Take special care for shoes that can’t be polished!

They sometimes even do it, when you wear full-grain leather shoes or anything else which can’t be polished. So beware and always have an eye on your feet when they are around.


3. Negotiate!

In case you really want to get your shoes blackened, first negotiate the price. Point out that you are not willing to spend a fortune on it. Negotiate the price first.


4. Stick to the price!

Sometimes they even try to increase the price in the middle of the cleaning process. Don’t fall for that!


When you stick to the tips given above you might even enjoy your shiny shoes afterwards. Because they may be annoying but they also know their job very well.

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