Elegance meets comfort in this amazing one bedroom apartment. This beautifully designed studio is situated at Zhongshan Park with access to metro lines 2, 3 and 4 and has to its advantage an array of traditional Chinese and continental restaurants. Zhongshan Park is noted for its warm and vibrant neigbourhood and houses several international students and professionals. The neigbourhood boasts more than three shopping malls.

Address: 1507 Dingxi Road,Changning district,Shanghai,China

Rent: ¥ 8’000 a month for a medium-term stay.

Are you interested in this apartment, or would you like to see another? Please contact us with information concerning the length of your planned stay in Shanghai and your preferred location at:

WeChat: roominshanghaioffice
Phone: +86-13818515604
Email: request@roominshanghai.com


  • Leah Pitrone 2 years ago

    Is this apartment still available? What is the rent and does it have air conditioning?

    • Julie Zhu
      Julie Zhu 2 years ago

      Yes it has air-conditioner. Please add us on WeChat: roomin_service.


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