The apartment is only a few steps away from Zhongshan Park metro station, making Shanghai your oyster along lines 2, 3, and 4. In addition, there is the Cloud Nine Mall with a host of excellent restaurants, shops and other facilities including a gym, pool and cinema to keep you entertained!

The fully equipped apartment leaves nothing to be wished for – from the cozy king-size beds to a large TV screen in the shared area and a modern kitchen with ample space for four persons to cook. If you like the sociability of a shared apartment but also value your privacy, you might want to opt for the master bedroom to have your private bathroom.

But our product does not only consist of real estate, but goes fundamentally deeper – our mission is to give you the best possible experience of living in Shanghai, and our customer service team is on hand to help with every step, from finding like-minded people in the city to setting up bank accounts.

Address: 1188 Changning Road, Changning District, Shanghai, China

Rent: The rent depends on the length of your stay and the room you choose. For a medium-term stay, it is between ¥ 4’500 and ¥ 5’250.

Are you interested in these rooms, or would you like to see others? Please contact us:

WeChat: roominshanghaioffice

Email: request@roominshanghai.com

Phone: +86 13818515604




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