At first the new experiences you make in Shanghais everydaylife might be exciting enough. But as soon as you spend your evenings in your apartment only with all those cheap DVDs you bought on the markets, it might be time to try something new.

Maybe because the temptation to go out to eat and drink every night is so great that westerners rely so heavily on sport as a way to create a healthy balance in their lives. And, in general, it’s fair to say that Shanghai expats are in general very active.

You will be spoilt by the choice of high quality sports facilities in Shanghai, both private and public, and you will never run short of people with whom to share your passion.

Make sure you try some new activities too – here is your long-awaited chance to learn martial arts from genuine Chinese masters or try your hand in a team of Dragon Boat racers.

Sports offers the greatest opportunity to enjoy yourself, make new friends from all over the world and stay fit and healthy. As you will see from the listings below, anything can be done here. And – parents who have let them selves go a bit, take note – with affordable childcare there is no excuse for not getting out there and getting involved!

Shanghai Sports Activities A – Z






Shanghai Reunited – We bleed Football

Shanghai ReUnited was originally founded as an offspring to Beaver United. Over the years ReUnited has developed its own identity. Together with our own offspring Shanghai 3United we have players from more than 30 countries and consider ourselves Shanghai’s most international football club.

It is this mixture and our good spirit on and off the pitch that makes our club special.​ ReU and 3U train together once a week and go out drinking together whenever possible and especially after the matches, preferably at our beloved bar sponsor, the Limbo.

We welcome players from any country and of any age. With our two teams in the two divisions of the Shanghai International Football League (SIFL), we’ll find a place for nearly any player as long as he loves football and likes to play competitively.



Nike courts at Shanghai Indoor stadium

A place to play basketball is the Nike Basketball courts at Shanghai indoor stadium station on line 1 or line 4; this is an outdoor court that Nike has created to promote Nike in China. This Nike court has 3 full courts and 2 half courts inside its facilities, there are always willing competition but the skill level may vary. Nike is charging 15 rmb to enter this arena, with courts both at 10 foot and some at 8 foot for the little kids. I personally had a good time at this court, the reason being there was always someone willing to have a pick-up game, and the layout of the arena was very nice.



Shanghai Badminton Club

Huashida’s Badminton Facility

3663 Zhongsham Road (W)

Tel: 13916104066

LL Badminton Club

Tel: 13681743724




Active Kidz Shanghai

3333 Hongmei Road

Tel: 6404-6757

Children and teenagers only




Shanghai Kickboxing Club

4/F, Block A, 66 Cao Bao Road

Guang Da Hotel

Shanghai Xialong Boxing Club

2, 666 Tianyaoqiao Lu

Shanghai Stadium