Jade Buddha

The Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai is maybe one of the best known attractions tourists can visit in Shanghai. Though not especially old or especially big, it is still one of the best examples of Chinese spiritualism, one can see in a busy city not particulary well suited for contemplative retreats. The two Jade Buddha statues were brought to Shanghai in the late 19th Century by a buddhist monk who got them as a present when he travelled through Burma. For Westerners the direct coexistence of commerce and spiritualism might take a bit getting used to – for example there is a shop right next to the reclining Buddha where people worship – but overall you won’t regret going there.

reclining buddha

The temple is not quite easy to find but located close to Changshou Road Station on Metro Line 7. From the Metro exit the easiest way to get to the temple is by asking the locals for the way. Since the temple is well known, this should be no problem.

The entrance fee is 20 RMB per person, which is quite a reasonable price for a memorable experience.

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