Places to visit around Shanghai: Jinshan Beach

Jinshan Beach

Have you ever wondered about how to get to the sea? Shanghai is supposed to be a harbor city and certainly not one of the smallest, so it should be somewhere out there right? Right! But as everything in Shanghai it is a small trip to get there especially, when you want to reach a place where you can go swimming.

Jinshan is a newly developed area. The beach has been made with white sand imported from the Philippines. Though it is closed in the colder times of the year you can still use the promenade alongside the beach for a walk on the seaside.

To get there you first have to use the Metro Line 3 to get to the Shanghai South Railway Station. Then take the lowest floor and catch a train to Jinshanwei (Since they all go there, it is only a question of if you want to take the direct train or not). You can use your metro card to go there and it only costs 10 Yuan. When you arrive at Jinshanwei, it is a 15-20 min walk to the beach, but of course you can also take a taxi instead, which will cost you up to 20 Yuan to the beach.

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