Going out in Shanghai is an adventure of its own.  The sheer number of different clubs is quite amazing, the innovative ideas to style these clubs will make you want to go out every night (and many foreigners do). But if you travel on a low budget you might soon get a bit annoyed by the high entry fees many clubs ask for. Of course there is a solution for this to. Since there is a very intense competition between all the bars and clubs, there is an army of promotors, trying to attract customers to their club every night. Usually they do not only promise to set you on a list for free entry, but furthermore grant you free drinks. However these free drinks should only be drunken with care.

It happens quite often, that a bottle of Grey Goose happens to be filled with the industrial alcohol and vodka-aroma, same goes to bottles of alleged 12 year old whiskey. Stories of people loosing their eyesights might be a bit exaggerated, but a very bad headache on the next morning is for sure if you just stick to these free drinks.

But anyway, getting on the list is just fine and spares you a lot of money you can then invest in good drinks at the bar. So when you come to Shanghai ask the people you get to know for some promotor-contacts. Most of them will have quite a few – then you are ready to go.

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