Wether you go to People’s Park or Zhongshan Park or one of the many other major Parks in Shanghai. Most of them do not only offer small isles of silence and harmony inside a prosperous and never sleeping city, but they also offer places to eat and even small theme parks. One of the more interesting attractions are the small sky-trains, with which you are able to explore large parts of a park. For example you can find one in the north-east of Zhongshan Park. There is a small theme park. To use one of the various attractions there, you have to buy an entrance card first. This entrance card is simlar to the metro card.

The deposit for it is 10 Yuan and then you can charge it for the different attractions, which cost between 10 and 25 Yuan per person. To be honest the primary target group of the attractions are children. But as said before, the small sky-train running through the park is alot of fun, even for grown-ups. With 10 Yuan per person it is not even on of the more expensive attractions. So have fun!

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