How to avoid spending too much on food

chinese food

When you come to Shanghai you will soon discover, that there are great gaps in the prices you can spend on food. While in many western cities you can enter a restaurant just by chance without being pauperised, acting like this is not recommended in Shanghai. At least you should glance at the menue and check the prices before taking a seat.

Especially restaurants which offer western style food can be very costly even for European standards. On the other hand many Chinese restaurants offer good and cheap food. But as long as you can’t speak Chinese it may be a bit complicated to get exactly what you want. If you can’t even point at what you want to eat every lunch becomes an adventure.

Of course there are also restaurants which offer western style food on affordable prices. For example the Windows Bars which offer a variety of burgers and pizzas at low prices. Just ask some friends who already have some Shanghai experience.

Just don’t worry the chance to starve in Shanghai is quite low.

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