Dishui Lake 1a

Shanghai is a fascinating and restless city which truly never sleeps. But sometimes you might want to get a rest from the busy streets and long for a quite and peaceful place. Inside the city, these places can be found in the parks. But of course even in the parks you will still hear the noise of the roads, of the markets, of the scooters and the cars. For really coming to a rest you have to get further outside. There are many beautiful places around Shanghai. One of them is the Dishui Lake.

Dishui Lake 3

At the shores of this gigantic artifical lake, planned by a German company, you newly built beautiful quays invite for a walk around the water. It is even possible to rent a small cabin at the lakeside to spend a quite and peaceful weekend there.

Dishui Lake 2

The lake is easy to be reached. Just take Metro Line 16 until the terminal station which is named “Dishui Lake”. This station is directly located at the water.

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