About Roominshanghai

Where is your office located?

Roomin Shanghai’s office is located in Shanghai, China
Our office address:

中国上海长宁区定西路1310弄16号楼103室 200050 (Golden City Garden)

103rm,Building No.16 ,1310Dingxi Road, Changning ,Shanghai ,China,200050 (Golden City Garden)

Can I contact you in English?

Yes. The team of Roomin Shanghai are on hand ready to answer your questions

What is Roomin Shanghai?

Roomin Shanghai is a real estate agency in Shanghai, providing apartments, houses, share houses, hotel rooms and offices

What are the office hours?

Monday – Friday | 10:00 am – 7:00 pm


About our Rooms

What’s included the rent?

Utility expenses such as water and gas are included (electricity is excluded). We also provide internet connection at no additional cost. You don’t have to go through the trouble of applying for these services. The bill for gas and water comes every 2 months. The bill for electricity comes every month. Roomin Shanghai will then inform the tenants of the apartment and put the invoice on the table. We will calculate what the costs are per person (which also means that if there is a new tenant we will calculate on the day of check-in, so it will be fairly calculated, the new tenant never pays the whole price of the month utility fees)

Are rooms equipped with a telephone line?

No, rooms are not equipped with a fixed telephone line

Are rooms equipped with air conditioners?

Yes, all rooms are equipped with an air conditioner

Are rooms furnished?

Yes. Basic furniture (e.g, desk, chair , etc., may differ from room to room)


For reservation

How much deposit do I need to pay?

The deposit that you must pay will depend on your duration of stay and must always be calculated with the months rent:

  • Long term deposit: between 5 months and 12 months the deposit will be 2x rent price and 1 month rent
  • Middle term deposit: less than 5 months the deposit will be 1x rent price and 2 months’ rent
  • Short term deposit: 1 or 2 months the deposit will be 250 USD and 1 month rent

Explanation long term deposit: Tenant A is going to live for 9 months and chooses the A room from Golden City Garden, the monthly rent is 4200 RMB. This means that tenant A must pay RMB x 2 = RMB deposit and 1 month rent (which is 4200 RMB). In total tenant A must pay 12600 RMB.

Explanation middle term deposit: Tenant B is going to live for 4 months and chooses the A room from Golden City Garden, the monthly rent is 4200 RMB. This means that tenant A must pay 4200 RMB x 1 = 4200 RMB deposit and 2 months’ rent (which is 8400 RMB). In total tenant A must pay 12600 RMB.

Explanation short term deposit: Tenant C is going to live for 1 month and chooses the A room from Golden City Garden, the monthly rent is 4200 RMB. This means that tenant A must pay 1600 RMB (250 USD) x 1 = 250 deposit and 1 month rent (which is 4200). In total tenant A must pay 5800 RMB.

The deposit will always be given back in a way the tenant paid with check-in. So for example if the tenant paid his first deposit with PayPal in USD, with check-out the tenant will get deposit back on his PayPal account in USD, if the tenant paid the deposit in Cash with the currency in RMB, the tenant will get the deposit back in cash with the currency of RMB

Where should I pick up my keys on the move-in day?

Please visit our office on the move-in day. When the agreement has been signed Roominshanghai will walk with you to the apartment and hand over the keys

I am Chinese. Can I reserve a room?

Roomin Shanghai is an agent exclusively for foreign passport holders. At present we do not accept residents of Chinese nationality

Is the lease agreement in Chinese or English?

The lease agreement is in Chinese and English.

What kind of documents do I need to sign the lease agreement?

Please bring the following documents with you when you come to our office to sign the lease agreement:

  • Valid passport & Visa
  • Copy passport & copy Visa (please make a copy after you entered China because we need a copy with stamp)
  • 1st month’s rent and deposit in cash (if it is not paid yet)
  • Emergency contacts in Shanghai and in your country
  • Emergency contacts in Shanghai and in your country
  • Your school/work place’ s information

What we will provide to you is:

  • Confirmation cheque of how much you have paid
  • Contract in English and Chinese

    Sample Contract:

    Lease Agreement (Sample)

Is it possible to reserve a room from overseas?

Yes. Roomin Shanghai offer the possibility to book rooms online before arriving in Shanghai. This means that customers can book the room in advance to be secure that the room will be available and ready for move in when they arrive in Shanghai

  • Please, contact us after making your choice about the type or room you want. You must send us an email with your choice before payment
  • Room keeping deposit
    • Before making the room keeping deposit please read carefully the lease contract. Remember: the amount of the Keeping Deposit is 250 USD (Please be reminded that any room or bed cannot be reserved without the deposit)

    What is the minimum rental term?

    The minimum rental term is 1 month. If you plan to stay less than 1 month we recommend you to stay at one of our hotel rooms at Xujiahui

    I would like to take a look at the room. Can you arrange a viewing?

    Of course. Please contact us to arrange a viewing. It is not necessary to visit our office; simply contact us via e-mail or telephone. We can arrange for a member of staff to meet at the nearest station

    What else do I have to pay?

    We only require a deposit which is refundable.electricity is excluded. There is no need to pay any other hidden or agency fees to Roomin Shanghai. However there are some extra services

    Maintenance fee
    •  250 RMB

      *Only applicable for Golden City Garden tenants Maintenance fees are for when something is broken in the apartment or room.

      * maintenance fees must always be paid per month

    Ayi (= cleaning maid)
    • 30 RMB per hour

      *For the first try the tenants must pay 30 RMB per hour for the ayi

    • 25 RMB per hour

      *If the tenants want the ayi to be fixed and clean every week a few times for the time of period that they are renting the room they will get a special price

    The ayi only cleans the shared areas like: living room, kitchen and bathroom. However you can tell tenants that if they want their personal room to be cleaned that they will need to pay by themselves and that they will need to tell the ayi

    Room bedding preparing service
    • 500 RMB

    When a new tenant checks-in his/her room for a short or long term there will be no blanket and pillows and no bedding sheets. The tenant will need to buy his own things.

    However when a tenant stays for a few days, 1-2 weeks the bedding will be prepared for free

    Airport pick up service
    • Day time: 250RMB – 280 RMB
    • Night time: 280 RMB – 300 RMB
    • Special holidays (e.g. new year): 300 RMB

    When tenants come to Shanghai for the first time they can order airport pick up service this also applies for the check-out when they need a private car to bring them to the airport

    Do I need a guarantor?

    Guarantor is not necessary but we must have contact information of your family if you are under 18 years old

    I would like to share an apartment or a room in a share house with my friends

    Would be possbiel to share appartment with friends, please check with us to see the possblity ,we will try our best to help you arrage a room in same appartment or whatever let you close to each other


    About Advanced Reservation

    Can I change the date of my arrival once I have booked a room?

    We understand that your plans may change and we try to be as flexible as possible. However due to our limited availability it is not always possible to change your date if your room is booked to someone else, or the person in your room is moving out so you can move in. Any changes are subject to the room availability and cannot be guaranteed. However if you require a major change to your arrival date you may need to decide to pay for the room from the date you originally booked, or cancel your booking and lose $150.00 cancellation fee

    What happens if after I move in I am not happy with my room choice?

    We will offer to you most new room availlbity let you choose ,then we will help you to change the room without any cost


    During your stay

    The TV/ fridge / air conditioner is not working properly

    If you experience any problems, please call us immediately and we’ll help however we can.

    Please contact our team member Freda if you have any questions about your room/apartment.

    freda@roominshanghai.com | +86 131 2067949

    Can I extend my stay?

    If you decide to extend your stay, we require at least 2 months advance notice

    Do I need to inform Shanghai Roomin before I move out? What does the 1 weeks Move-out mean?

    In the the event that you wish to move out, we require at least 2 weeks advance notice. Notice must be givenby completing our “2 weeks move-out request notice” form and bringing it to Shanghai Roomin office in person. The remaining rent will be calculated and a move-out inspection appointment will be arranged beforehand

    Please be reminded that if a minimum of 2 weeks advance notice is not given, a 2 weeks rent will still be charged from the day we are informed. In the event that you wish to move out, please inform us at your earliest convenience

    When is the monthly cut-off date? When do I pay next month’s rent?

    The monthly cut-off date is every 20th of the month. For example, if you sign the agreement on 15th January, you have to pay your rent on 20th January

    My friend is coming to Shanghai. Can I let him/her stay in my room?

    Yes, but your roommates have to agree with this. Come to our office by person and sign the agreement letter

    Can I smoke in the room?

    For safety reasons, smoking is prohibited indoors, including toilets and living room. When smoking outside, please show consideration to others by properly disposing of cigarette buds

    Can I enter my room after check-out?

    During the check out procedure we will collect the keys from you. Once complete, you may not enter again

    Can I specify a time range for the check-out inspection?

    Check out is available 2 pm from Monday till Friday (except year-end and New Year holidays). Please indicate your desired check-out time when completing the 2-weeks move-out notice

    What is “Move-out Inspection?

    On your move-out day, Roomin Shanghai will come to your room and check its condition together with you. If everything is fine, then all the move-out procedures will be complete

    Before we arrive, please pack up your belongings, dispose of any garbage, vacuum the floor, wash and dry the sheets, etc. For further details, please refer to the documents received when the Lease Agreement was signed


    Extended Service

    Apartment services

    The offered services and facilities may vary according to apartment and compound.

    However, within our promise to deliver quality, we offer for all the apartment the following services:

    • 24 hours security
    • Housekeeping
    • Laundry and dry cleaning services
    • Wifi
    • TV

    Extra services

    • Weekly Cleaning Service (200 RMB per month)
    • Bedding & Towel (500 RMB)
    • SIM Card (100 RMB, includes 50 RMB credit)
    • Public Transportation Card (100 RMB, includes 50 RMB credit)
    • Day trip to Zhujiajiao an ancient water town (300 RMB, includes transportation to Zhujiajiao and a boat trip)
    • Airport Pick-up (Day time: 250 RMB / Night time: 300 RMB)


    Addresses of Roomin Shanghai apartment

    Da Jia Yuan - 大家源


    31F3102rm,No. 3Building,No. 2088,Wan Hang Du Road, Changning Area, Shanghai, China, 200051

    Hotel Rooms Address

    地址:上海徐家汇 龙华西路501号

    No.501 of West Long Hua Road,Xuhui ,Shanghai,China

    Brilliant City - 中远两湾城


    12F1204rm,No.14, Lane97 Yuanjing Road,Putuo Area,Shanghai, China, 200061

    Gold City Garden - 金都苑


    27F2701rm No.16Bld.1310 Ding xi road, Golden City Garden, Changning Area,Shanghai, China, 200050

    Center Brilliant City - 中心铂庭


    No.520 Mid Tian Mu Road(Next to People square) Zha Bei Area,Shanghai

    What if my question isn't answered here?

    If you can’t find the answer in the knowledge base, we’re happy to answer your questions by email or telephone